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Century Waste Management provides the dumpster rental services that Troy, Michigan, deserves. We rent out rent roll-off dumpsters ranging from 10 to 40 yards in size—whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, you’ll find the rental dumpster to fit your needs. Rest assured that our dumpsters can accommodate projects of any size.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are not nearly the same as typical street dumpsters. For starters, roll-off dumpsters contain wheels that require special roll-off trucks to transport them. These dumpsters assume a rectangular shape and include an open top. Roll-off dumpsters are a great choice for discarding trash that results from home improvement and construction projects.

10-Yard Dumpsters

10-yard dumpsters are a good choice for discarding all sorts of debris, including plaster, drywall, flooring, and countertops. These dumpsters are appropriate for smaller projects such as remodeling half bathrooms, cleaning attics, and removing walls.

20-Yard Dumpsters

20-yard dumpsters are ideal for small to mid-sized projects, such as floor removal and certain landscaping projects. This size dumpster may be suitable for people planning to move out of their home.  

30-Yard Dumpsters

30-yard dumpsters are a good fit for mid to large sized projects. This includes projects such as cleaning out your whole home or removing clutter from a garage or basement.

40-Yard Dumpsters

40-yard dumpsters are perfect for larger home and construction projects. These provide an ideal solution if you’re having renovations, additions, or major cleanouts done to a home.

Contractor Discount

Century Waste Management provides a contractor discount—call 877-909-1001 to learn more.


More Than a Waste Management Company

We don’t simply focus on our business—we focus on you, too. Not enough companies in the waste management industry put in an effort toward customer service. At Century Waste Management, we know we can do better. That’s why we employ a highly trained staff and created this easy-to-navigate website so that you can have an unmatched experience. It’s simply not right for a company to let customer service fall by the wayside—no consumer should feel burdened with poor website navigation and call lines that keep them on hold for excessive amounts of time. Century Waste Management is committed to practicing a higher standard of customer service.   

Wherever your home improvement or construction endeavors may take you, contact Century Waste Management today for dumpster rental in Troy, Michigan.

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